Talking About Film

A: What kinds of film do you like best?
B: I like horror film, and what about you?
A: I like drama.
B: Do you like Indonesian film?
A: Yes, but I prefer west film to Indonesian film.
B: Why do you like west film?
A: Because the actors and the actresses play well.
B: Who are your favorite actors and actresses?
A: I like Brad Pitt and Sophia Loren because their acting is good. What about you?
B: Actually I prefer Indonesian film to west film.
A: Who are your favorite actors and actresses?
B: Sophan Sophian and Widia Wati

A: Jenis film apa yang paling kau sukai?
B: Saya suka film horror dan bagaimana dengan kamu?
A: Saya suka drama.
B: Apakah kau suka film Indonesia?
A: Ya, tapi aku lebih suka film barat daripada film Indonesia.
B: Kenapa kau suka film barat?
A; Karena actor dan artisnya bermain dengan baik.
B: Siapa actor dan artis idolamu?
A: Saya suka Brad Pitt dan Sophia Loren. Karena acting mereka sangat bagus. Bagaimana dengan kamu?
B: Sebenarnya aku lebih suka film Indonesia daripada film barat.
A: Siapa actor dan artis idolamu?
B: Sophan Sophian dan Widia Wati


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