Nanas atau pineapple ternyata punya banyak keunggulan yang patut diacungi jempol SLIM BODY THANKS TO PINEAPPLEPineapple or pineapple turned out to have many advantages that deserves thumbs up . One of them , which is useful for those who have problems with weight loss is its ability to shed excess fat deposits in the body . By regularly consuming pineapple ( in accordance with applicable rules , read in the middle of the article ) , consequently the original body fat can slowly be straight , sleek , and thinner .

In addition as an alternative to a healthy diet , fruit yellow skin covered with scales emasa can make the body’s defense system becomes more solid . The content of vitamin A , vitamin C , calcium , phosphorus , magnesium , iron , sodium , potassium , dextrose , sucrose , as well , and the enzyme bromelain in pineapple fruit stored a tough bullet that can be knocked serbuah serious diseases , such as tumors , atherosclerosis ( narrowing of blood vessels ) , and beriberi .

According to Drs . Setiawan Dalimartha in his book entitled Atlas of Medicinal Plants of Indonesia, the enzyme bromelain in pineapple efficacious as anti-inflammatory and can help soften the food in the stomach , interfere with cancer cell growth and prevent blood clotting ( blood coagulation) . In addition, the fiber content is high enough fit pineapple as constipation medicine . Eating pineapple as effective as taking laxatives ( constipation ) . The effect of course defecation becomes more smoothly .Not only to ward off disease , pineapple is also useful for people who are sick . Two of which are to enhance the absorption of drugs in the body and cleaning the dead skin tissue .Well , back to the issue of downsizing the body , following the recipe to lose weight by using pineapple .

At first , provide 1 piece of pineapple that is not too ripe . Peel , wash , and cut as needed . Furthermore, take the water , can be grated and squeezed with a piece of clean cloth or juiced . Drinking water is the juice at the same time twice a day .