An apparatus that similar a shot shoots a billiard ball horizontally too drops to a greater extent than or less other i vertically from an equal height. Even though the ii accept dissimilar initial velocities, they both accelerate inwards the same direction too at the same charge per unit of measurement due to Earth’s gravity–this is confirmed yesteryear seeing too hearing both balls province simultaneously.

While nosotros did our best to brand certain the setup is bird too the apparatus is precise, the video shows the balls genuinely province almost 0.02 second apart from each other (the slow-motion role was done inwards sixty fps, too at that spot seems to survive a deviation of almost 1 frame). We consider this deviation to survive negligibly small. Normally the apparatus is positioned almost 2 meters higher upwards the floor, too the deviation inwards landing fourth dimension is merely every bit imperceptible. You volition abide by the “drop-ball” bounces towards the meat of the picture. We intend this is generally because the concrete flooring has pocket-size pockmarks too other local irregularities, which on average combine to degree a bird surface but individually tin crusade funny bounces. The ball may too accept a real pocket-size horizontal velocity due to the mode inwards which it is dropped.

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