Life Threatening Asthma – Some Pearls too Pitfalls

My verbalize on Life Threatening Asthma verbalize inward 2d NECCS Ipoh

Some may non concord alongside the ventilation strategy I borrowed from Scott Weingart’s, i.e., a PEEP of 0 or zEEP.  I justice if yous are familiar on how to play some alongside the PEEP inward severe airway obstacle without causing a disaster inward barotrauma, as well as thence larn ahead. But to live on on the condom side, I’ll stick alongside the strategy mentioned past times Scott Weingart. Listen to the 2d podcast listed below on Dominating the Vent: Part II for a clearer picture.

Here are the compilation of podcasts as well as lectures I referred to attain the verbalize on asthma:
1. Scott Weingatt’s Dominating the Vent: Part I
Download mp4 lecture:

2. Scott Weingatt’s Dominating the Vent: Part II
Download mp4 lecture:

**These 2 lectures are really slow to empathize as well as classify the footing of ventilation strategy inward ED inward general. Some people may non concord alongside Weingart’s strategy. Different people bring dissimilar regard but Weingart’s strategy is really uncomplicated – exclusively 2 strategies that yous take away to draw concern inward ED: obstructive strategies as well as lung protective strategies. Even if patient initially does non bring lung injuries, ARDS, ALI, the patient may eventually halt upward alongside some classify of lung injuries if ventilation strategies non appropriate. So, process the patient equally if having a lung injury. Only four settings to arrange inward ED: TV, IFR, PEEP/FiO2 (use ARDSnet table) as well as RR.
Notes inward pdf is available for download

3. Scott Weingart – Severe asthmatic podcast

4. Scott Weingart – Coding Asthmatic

5. Management of the Crashing Asthmatic

6. RAGE session 3 on life threatening asthma
And RAGEBack session 3:

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