Kalimat Pasif : Simple Past Tense

Pada bahan sebelumnya kita sudah berguru ihwal pengertian kalimat pasif dan cara membuat kalimat pasif dalam simple present tense.  Sekarang kita akan berguru cara membuat kalimat pasif dalam simple present tense . Dalam membuat kalimat pasif dalam simple present tense, kita menggunakan is, am, are . Sedangkan di dalam simple past tense kita menggunakan was, were. Perhatikan rumus di bawah ini:

Positif               : Subjek + was/were + VIII
Negatif             : Subjek + was/were + not + VIII
Pertanyaan       : Was/were + subjek + VIII
I========== was
Contoh kalimat:
Aktif     : He wrote the letter.
              He didn’t write the letter.
              Did he write the letter?
Pasif     : The letter was written by him.
              The letter wasn’t written by him.
              Was the letter written by him?
Aktif     : She printed the file.
Pasif     :  The file was printed by her.
              The file wasn’t printed by her.
              Was the file printed by her?
Aktif     : They bought the cars.
              They didn’t buy the cars
              Did they buy the cars?
Pasif     : The cars were bought by them.
              The cars weren’t bought by them.
              Were the cars bought by them?
Mudah bukan…sekarang coba kerjakan soal-soal latihan di bawah ini;
Rubahlah kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini menjadi kalimat pasif!
  1. I didn’t water the flowers.
  2. She visited her brother.
  3. Toni sang the song.
  4. A thief stole my cars.
  5. They didn’t win the prize.
  6. Did John send the letter?
  7. I didn’t read the book.
  8. Dila washed the bike.
  9. Nanda didn’t clean the window.
  10. Irfan flew the kite.
Answer Key:
1. The flowers weren’t watered by me. 2. Her brother was visited by her. 3. The song was sung by Toni. 4. My cars were stolen by the thief. 5. The prize was not won by them. 6. Was the letter sent by John? 7. The book wasn’t read by me. 8. The bike was washed by Dila. 9. The window wasn’t cleaned by Nanda. 10. The kite was flown by Irfan

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