Kalimat Pasif : Simple Future Tense

Berikut ini rumus kalimat pasif dalam simple future tense :
Positif               : subjek + will/shall + be + VIII
Negative           : Subjek + will/shall + not + be + VIII
Pertanyaan       : will/shall + subjek + be  + VIII
They will buy a car.
They will not buy a car.
Will they buy a car?
A car will be bought by them.
A car will not be bought by them.
Will a car be bought by them?
Tono will fly a kite.
Tono will not fly a kite.
Will Tono fly a kite?
A kite will be flown by Tono.
A kite will not be flown by Tono.
Will a kite be flown by Tono?
Latihan I
The book / read
The book will be read.
1. He / kill

2. Roni / give a present

3. The juice / drink
4. the fish / fry
5. The dishes / keep in the cupboard
Answer Key:
1. He will be killed. 2. Roni will be given a present. 3. The juice will be drunk. 4. The fish will be fried. 5. The dishes will be kept in the cupboard.

Latihan II
Rubahlah menjadi kalimat pasif!
1. I will bring 20 books to school.
2. She will close the door.
3. They will not wipe the window.
4. We will break the toy.
5. He will kick the boy.
Answer Key:
1. 20 books will be brought to school by me. 2. The door will be closed by her. 3. The window will not be wiped by them. 4. The toy will be broken by us. 5. The boy will be kicked by him.


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