Kalimat Pasif : Present Perfect Tense

Berikut ini rumus untuk membuat kalimat pasif dalam present perfect tense :
Positif               : subjek + have/has + been + VIII
Negative           : Subjek + have/has + not + been + VIII
Pertanyaan       : Has/Have + Subjek + been + VIII
I have eaten the cake.
I haven’t eaten the cake
Have you eaten the cake?
The cake has been eaten by me.
The cake hasn’t been eaten by me.
Has the cake been eaten by you?
She has done her homework.
She hasn’t done her homework.
Has she done her homework?
Her homework has been done by her.
Her homework hasn’t been done by her.
Has her homework been done by her?
Contoh soal
Latihan I
the letter / send
The letter has been sent.
1. the flowers / water
2. the book / read
3. the TV / turn off
4. the car / wash
5. the house / sell
Answer Key:
1. The flowers have been watered. 2. The book has been read. 3. The TV has been turned off. 4. The car has been washed. 5. The house has been sold.

Latihan II
Rubahlah menjadi kalimat pasif!
1. She hasn’t sung the song.
2. Have they written a story?
3. Riska hasn’t sold the car.
4. Has the boy cleaned the floor?
5. The cat has eaten the fish.
Answer Key:
1. The song hasn’t been sung by her. 2. Has a story been written by them? 3. The car hasn’t been sold by Riska. 4. Has the floor been cleaned by the boy? 5. The fish has been eaten by the cat.


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