Kalimat Pasif: Present Continuous Tense

Kalimat pasif dalam present continuous tense  tidaklah sulit, berikut ini rumusnya:
Positif               : subjek + is/am/are + being + VIII
Negative           : subjek + is/am/are + not + being + VIII
Pertanyaan       : is/am/are + Subjek + being + VIII
Positif               : She is reading the English book.
Negative           : She is not reading the English book.
Pertanyaan       : Is she reading the English book?
Positif               : The book is being read by her.
Negative           : The book is not being read by her.
Pertanyaan       : Is the book being read by her?
Positif               : They are sending the letters.
Negative           : They are  not sending the letters.
Pertanyaan       : Are they sending the letters?
Positif               : The letters are being sent by them.
Negative           : The letters are not being sent by them.
Pertanyaan       : Are the letters being sent by them?
Kerjakan soal-soal latihan di bawah ini:
Latihan I
The letter/send
The letter is being sent
  1. The fish / fry
  2. The cars / wash
  3. The film / not / watch
  4. The song / not / sing
  5. The files / print / ?
Answer Key:
1. The fish is being fried. 2. The cars are being washed 3. The film is not being watched. 4. The song is not being sung. 5. Are the files being printed? Yes, they are / No, they are not. 

Latihan II
Rubahlah menjadi kalimat pasif
  1. My mother is washing the dishes.
  2. They are boxing the boys.
  3. Is the cat eating the fish?
  4. I am typing a letter.
  5. Tono is not kicking the ball.
Answer Key:
1. The dishes are being washed by my mother. 2. The boys are being boxed by them. 3. Is the fish being eaten by the cat? 4. A letter is being typed by me. 5. The ball is not being kicked by Tono


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