Having a facial skin clean , smooth and free of acne is not impossible . Of these conditions will increase the confidence in front of others . There are several ways to treat the skin so that the face is free from acne without any cost ! The following simple tips are basic skin care you should do if you do not want to experience acne problems later in life .

 mulus dan bebas dari jerawat bukanlah hal yang mustahil HOW TO TAKE CARE OF SKIN IN ORDER NOT TO ACNE?

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Maybe you ‘ve been doing various types of skin care for preventing acne on the face . But could you forget a few basic tips that are very important to keep the germs and bacteria that cause acne .
A good idea to know the following three types of acne :

  •     Acne light : refers to the small white bumps that commonly appear as blackheads on the face area .
  •     Acne was : which includes red inflamed pimples called papules and red pimples with white centers called pustules .
  •     Severe Acne : that causes pain , tenderness , pus-filled bumps that form under the skin appears .

A pimple starts when the pores in the skin is blocked due to the natural oil called sebum . Sebum actually serves to lubricate the skin and hair that is not easy to dry . However, at certain times ( eg stress , puberty ) became too much sebum production to ease acne appears on the face .

How to care for acne prone skin that is not real easy . You just need to pay attention to a few little quirks that accidental sparking of germs in the face area .
Although there are natural ingredients that can remove acne scars , how good you perform preventive measures before it ‘s too late . Because not all acne scars can be permanently lost .

Here’s How To Not Face Skin Care Acne Easily


  •     Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day ( no more ) with warm water and soap specifically for facial acne . Gently massage the entire area of ​​the face in a circular motion and try not to rub . Avoid excessive cleansing your face because it can cause skin irritation.  After washing the face , apply a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide . The goal is to reduce oil and bacteria .
  •     Have you squeeze pimples emerging ? This is one temptation that should be avoided . Squeezing pimples can push infected material into the skin , causing swelling and redness , and even trigger the appearance of scars if acne is gone . Make sure you can resist the temptation to press or squeeze pimples on the face .
  •     Throw away the habit of touching or just touching the skin with your fingers . Did you know , the hand is a medium channeling bacteria and dirt are the most powerful ? Be sure to wash hands thoroughly before applying any such advance into areas using face cream or wear makeup .
  •     For those of you who wear glasses , facial care tips to prevent acne is to cleanse the body on a regular basis . The goal is to keep the oil from clogging the pores around your eyes and nose . This is true also for those of you who often wear hats , headbands and other accessories in the area around the face .
  •     Clean up your pretty face of makeup before going to bed . Avoid using makeup that has not been used or look different ( odor and color ) from the first time you bought it . It is highly advised to choose a makeup brand with the caption ” noncomedogenic ” or ” nonacnegenic ” on the label .

One more way of treating facial skin to prevent acne is to keep the hair from the face area . Although it may sound trivial , hair can bring dirt and oils that can cause acne . Is not prevention better than cure ?