How to care for dry hair is different than the healthy hair care . This is a sign that your beautiful hair health are not maintained properly . Lack of nutrition and how to treat hair that is not really a major cause of the problem. To prevent dry hair and fluffy , following natural and simple tips that can be done at home .Dry hair care tips and expands


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For a woman like you , hair is a crown of beauty that is priceless . Maintaining the natural beauty is a must with how to care for dry hair that beautiful shiny again .Bad habits that can lead to dry hair problems and expands to be reduced , if necessary, be eliminated altogether. How to troubleshoot problems that really should be appropriate . How to care for dry hair and fluffy certainly different from oily hair treatment because of oil production in the pores of the scalp are excessive .If the duduk perkara can lead to the appearance of oily hair dandruff then , how to care for naturally dry hair to prevent hair loss , branching and fluffy . Although some people are born with dry hair type , you can perform simple natural treatments to maintain the beauty and health .What Are The Causes Dry Hair Being ?

  •     Adverse effects of sunlight are too hot and stinging
  •     The use of dyes that contain harsh chemicals
  •     The ill effects of chlorine in swimming pools or hot water
  •     How to treat hair wrong like overuse of shampoo , use a styling tool like a hair dryer and hot rollers

Different again if never cleaned with shampoo . It is a shampoo that is suitable to care for the beauty and health of the hair . But if you choose the wrong brand of shampoo then dry hair can cause problems and fluffy .
How to Take Care of Dry And Inflate ?

  •     Do not use excessive shampoo

    The use shampoo when shampooing is a major cause hair to become dry . Of course it does not matter if you use a shampoo 2-3 days however , if you wash it with shampoo every day can actually removes the natural oils .

    Not true if you use shampoo 1 month. How to care for dry hair is the correct wash hair with shampoo at least 3 days to stimulate the oil glands in the scalp .   Care about your dry hair
    Types of dry hair more brittle , branched or expands . How to care for dry hair should be gentle when shampooing and massaging the scalp . Avoid rubbing the scalp with finger nails or pull hard . It aims to avoid fractures and prevent scalp irritation .

  •     Tips on hair combed right

    Did you know , combing hair while wet can cause hair loss ? Conditions were still wet hair when combed straight brittle and will easily break . Wait until dry , or can use a towel to wipe the hair slowly . Choose also a soft comb , especially those with rubber at the ends of the comb child .

  •     Choosing a suitable conditioner

    How to care for dry hair using a conditioner is to choose a hair conditioner that does not contain alcohol . Because the content of alcohol can make the hair more dry and fluffy .

  •     Let unraveled during sleep

    If you like to wear a binder or headbands , remove when going to sleep . The goal is to make my hair thus preventing inflate while also making the hair roots to breathe free .

  •     Take advantage of the natural properties of lime

    Lemon handy to clean the dirt on the scalp and create healthy shiny hair . Tips on how to care for dry hair wearing lime enough to massage the scalp gently with lemon juice . Wait 30 minutes and then wash with clean water .

  •     Note hairdresser tool

    You can use a blow dryer to dry the hair but set in a small hot blow dryer and avoid pulling or stretching the hair when exposed to heat . This method aims to prevent fluffy hair and split ends .
Consider tips on how to care for dry hair and expands upon that beauty of natural hair is maintained.