Its texture is light , not greasy , and rich in nutrients needed skin . Add the use of serum in your beauty ritual to get skin rejuvenation .

Serum specific work . This product is formulated to address specific problems , such as wrinkles , dark spots , or uneven color , which can not be repaired only with regular moisturizer . Serum consists of several ingredients such as amino acids , vitamins , antioxidants , and other special materials .

Another reason why the serum should be included in the product is held for its ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin moisturizer than usual . The structure of the molecules in the serum is very small and has a high concentration .

Benefits of serum :

  •     Moisturize skin
  •     Make the skin more supple , toned , and face lather .
  •     Can be mixed with other products . For example , if you have dry skin then serum can be used after moisturizer .
  •     Serum can be used for all skin types .
  •     Give more nutrients to the skin .
  •     Brighten and eliminate black spots on the skin .

The proper use 

Clean the face and then use an alcohol-free toner . After a few minutes , drops of serum into your palms and rub it evenly on the entire face . Wait a few minutes until the serum is absorbed well by the skin before applying moisturizer .

Serum should be used at night and early morning to get effective results . In order to stay awake benefits serum , serum put in a cool, or you could put it in the fridge . Something cold on the skin will make the blood spread . This will cause a vacuum effect to draw the active ingredient in the serum of entry into the deepest layers of the skin .