Caucasian Hair Cleansing: Shikakai, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bentonite in addition to more!

I convey been promising this transportation service for a while! This is a repeat of the microscope cleansing experiments nosotros did amongst my (African) pilus but using my hubby’s (Caucasian) hair. Here it is!

The Experiment
I used my ain shed pilus together with imaged it:
-on its ain without whatsoever washing
– washed amongst ane type of exam cleanser alone (2 infinitesimal H2O rinse, 2 infinitesimal exam cleanser, 2 infinitesimal H2O rinse together with air dried for iv hours)
– the exam cleansers were evidently water, shampoo, conditioner, bentonite clay, shikakai, apple tree cider vinegar (1:1 ratio amongst water) together with baking soda. ACV together with baking soda had an extended fourth dimension of 10 minutes inwards the cleansing phase.

The Results

1. Oily hair

My married adult man shampoos his pilus every 2-3 days together with does non purpose conditioner or fossil oil so his pilus is pretty fossil oil free. I thus applied shea butter to his pilus to practise the oily surface needed for the experiment.

‘Unwashed’ Caucasian pilus which is relatively fossil oil complimentary due to frequent shampoo use

Oily Caucasian pilus amongst shea butter used for this experiment

2. Water alone wash

The H2O alone spread the fossil oil around the pilus strand but did non genuinely construct clean it off.

 Oil spread over the strands inwards the H2O alone launder

3. Shampoo alone wash

The shampoo launder equally expected gave the cleanest well-nigh fossil oil complimentary strands.

Shampoo cleaned Caucasian hair

4. Conditioner alone wash

The conditioner launder gave generally construct clean fossil oil complimentary pilus amongst only tiny spots of fossil oil visible

Hair conditioner cleansed pilus – generally construct clean some fossil oil circled inwards white

 5. Bentonite clay wash

The clay launder resulted inwards a really like effect to the conditioner wash. The pilus was generally construct clean amongst some fossil oil visible. In this illustration subjectively at that topographic point was to a greater extent than fossil oil than amongst the pilus conditioner. I convey circled some of the to a greater extent than obvious bulges inwards white

Bentonite clay cleansed hair

6. Shikakai 

Shikakai gave a somewhat construct clean result. Quite a fleck of fossil oil was nonetheless visible afterwards the ii minutes of cleaning.

Shikakai cleansed pilus – non all visible fossil oil is marked, only the to a greater extent than obvious spots

7.  Apple Cider Vinegar

The effect amongst ACV was like to H2O alone washing, the fossil oil only seemed to spread

ACV launder – fossil oil spread over the strand, no existent cleansing observed

8. Baking soda

As amongst ACV, baking soda equally good seemed to spread the fossil oil together with non genuinely construct clean the fossil oil off the hair.

Baking soda launder – pilus remained oily 

Additional notes:
Running warm H2O was used for all washes. In each launder or rinse,  pilus was rubbed gently to copy normal pilus washing. Hair conditioner – Tresemme Naturals Conditioner, Shampoo – Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo, Bentonite Clay – Detox people, Shikakai – Hesh, Sainsbury’s, ACV – Sainsbury’s, Baking Soda – doc Oetker.

Please practise banking enterprise complaint that nether the microscope nosotros tin encounter fossil oil layers but nosotros practise non encounter pocket-sized deposits on pilus e.g pilus conditioner deposits (well you lot genuinely could encounter them amongst specialised instruments but non amongst my microscope!). Strictly speaking this experiment volition answer the question, how good volition washing method X take away fossil oil from hair.